Our team at Waterford Business Solutions, LLC

About us at Waterford Business Solutions, we service our customers virtually and have an in-house staff that deals with customers on a day-to-day basis through phone calls, text messages, emails, and virtual conferences meeting and exceeding client expectations every day.

To help do this we do have a limited highly vetted virtual staff to help in the background and allow us to provide world-class top-notch services. Read below about some of our in-house staff members and call us today with any questions.

James Griner

Waterford Business Solutions Accounting and Bookkeeping. Our Team, come meet us. We offer virtual business solutions for the Home Service Pro.

James is our team lead bookkeeper who found a passion for the practice while majoring in engineering at Georgia Southern University. He enjoyed it so much that he changed majors to Business Management Entrepreneurship with a minor in accounting so he could not only provide insight into the books but also provide business advice for the entrepreneur and small business owners.

He grew up in a family of entrepreneurs with landscape and HVAC companies and spent weekends and summers working and learning the front line business/ Often times during the year he would be involved with running the back office with scheduling and helping to manage the accounting and taxes and saw the impact that the stress of the back office caused on family life. That caused him to want to get involved and reduce that stress for others in the industry so they can gain time back with their families and their customers!

Why I Chose These Business Areas

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and spent weekends and summers working, learning the frontline work. Many times I would also help in the office and experienced difficulties in managing both the front line and the back office at the same time. Working in this back office environment and helping one of my uncles with his employment agency, I realized how difficult it was to keep the bookkeeping records in order so that taxes went smoothly. I watched as many hours were spent trying to catch up on the business data with my father and uncles missing out on valuable time with the family.

My aunt who was in the Real Estate business carried all her financial records for the year with no backups in the back seat of her car. If she lost the box or any of the records what would she do?

After seeing the struggles my family had in these two industries with their records management it became obvious that I should use my education and help those that are in similar situations.

Tonya L.

Waterford Business Solutions Accounting and Bookkeeping. Our Team, come meet us. We offer virtual business solutions for the Home Service Pro.

Tonya joined our team in 2019 to help manage the phones and provide a bright smile to anyone who calls in while managing and answering billing questions and directing concerns to the correct party. She puts in later hours recognizing the evening stress that many contractors have due to her husband working as an HVAC tech and regularly being on call. She loves to get to know clients and keep up with their children and more importantly pets so feel free to call her up and get to know her and the rest of the staff today!

Monica M.


Monica joined our team in 2019 and is a Data Specialist for Waterford Business Solutions. Has over 20 years of experience with customer services and hands-on computer contact, bringing forth her strong skill set in customer interactions. Utilizing her Business Marketing Management Degree with three awarded certificates in Business Specialist, Business Management, and Entrepreneurship.

On a professional level, "I am always ready for What's next? How can we make things better? I get in, I listen, I learn, and then I execute goals. I am a detail-oriented, highly organized, 100 % customer-focused, business professional. A forward thinker, offering out-of-the-box solutions by listening and learning your daily business routines." Her core values are Family first and every day is a chance to learn something new. Be kind, sow a smile and you will reap a smile.

Veronica W.

Waterford Business Solutions Accounting and Bookkeeping. Our Team, come meet us. We offer virtual business solutions for the Home Service Pro.

Veronica grew up in Silicon Valley and gained an interest in technology during her childhood years due to the influences of her surroundings. When the time came for college, she decided to get a B.S. in international business at the University of Colorado where she first got involved in accounting and was hooked on it from then on but wanted to combine that love with technology.

After years of charitable work for the USAF, she moved to Greenville and began working with a Social Media focused Bookkeeping Company learning the technology and specialized accounting. She joined our team in 2020 after learning about our client-focused approach and tech-forward interaction with clients as it better suited her interest.

She has now fully embraced the home service pro lifestyle due to her close connection with a pool supply and building company and loves to help bring order and sense to businesses to help them grow and not just succeed in their taxes but also in their understanding of financial information. Reach out to us today to get to know veronica better!

Alyssa P.

Waterford Business Solutions Accounting and Bookkeeping. Our Team, come meet us. We offer virtual business solutions for the Home Service Pro.

Alyssa joined our team in 2021 to help manage the onboarding and everyday contact with clients and is always ready to help you in any way possible. As the first point of contact, she takes the time to understand new client needs to help point them in the right direction and direct or answer current client questions and concerns.

She is an expert listener and will answer any questions possible or direct you to someone who can if they are available to answer questions. When not available taking time to find out the answer and reconnect with you becomes the top priority.

Alyssa also takes the time to help navigate the payroll situation for our clients and provide guidance and support along with processing any payroll requests for clients. Call us today to speak with Alyssa and her bubbly personality and meet more of our awesome staff!