Waterford Business Solutions

Veronica White


Veronica grew up in Silicon Valley and gained an interest in technology during her childhood years due to the influences of her surroundings. When the time came for college, she decided to get a B.S. in international business at the University of Colorado where she first got involved in accounting and was hooked on it from then on but wanted to combine that love with technology.

After years of charitable work for the USAF, she moved to Greenville and began working with a Social Media focused Bookkeeping Company learning the technology and specialized accounting. She joined our team in 2020 after learning about our client-focused approach and tech-forward interaction with clients as it better suited her interest.

She has now fully embraced the home service pro lifestyle due to her close connection with a pool supply and building company and loves to help bring order and sense to businesses to help them grow and not just succeed in their taxes but also in their understanding of financial information. Reach out to us today to get to know Veronica better!