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Streamline your company with Waterford Business Solutions virtual bookkeeping. We help you understand all facets of your company finances so you can reach your financial goals. Let us help you understand your current finances, plan for the future, manage your employee payroll and vendor bills, and customer invoices. We are fully equipped to address all of your financial needs through our virtual services allowing you to manage your company finances from your phone or laptop, no matter where you are located.

Our staff specializes in Fieldworkers and Home Service Businesses with their day to day finances while providing you insights into your company to help you grow and improve on what you are already doing. Best of all, we pride ourselves in treating all our clients equally no matter their size and always providing them with friendly, professional services.

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We will organize your monthly financials and give you a clear picture of where your business currently stands.

We will classify your monthly transactions to prepare you for future business growth and annual tax allocations.

We will show you what you currently owe and how to pay your bills while making you, and your business, a profit.

With Waterford Business Solutions...

Get personalized bookkeeping solutions for your service industry business

You will know where your money is coming from and where it is going.

Custom bookkeeping solutions for service industry professionals

You will know how to increase your personal profits.

Bookkeeping solutions for service industry professionals

You will understand how to grow your business and purchase new equipment.

Service industry professionals' bookkeeping solutions

Our Process

Waterford Business Solutions is fully equipped to address all of your bookkeeping needs and available to provide both virtual and in-house bookkeeping services. Our experienced staff focuses on assisting home service professionals with their day to day bookkeeping needs, while also providing business-specific insight.

During the initial interview, we will get a good understanding of your business and give you an idea of your shortfalls, profitability, if you are classifying transactions properly, and if you are prepared for tax season.

Our goal is to help you grow your business with proper budgeting.

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Get custom bookkeeping services for your service industry business

We Specialize In Showing You:

How much labor and/or equipment is put into each job?

How much do you really make on a job?

Do you need a better pricing model?

Is fraud possibly occurring in your company?

Are there areas where you can decrease expenses?

Are there more tax deductions you are not aware of?

Who owes you money?

Are you ready to make more money?


"My company just started working with James about a month ago. We were using QuickBooks desktop with our old bookkeeper but after months of minimal communication and difficulty in reaching them we decided to change. James explained the benefits of QuickBooks Online over desktop and even provided me with training by screen share making sure I understood everything. After deciding to go with QuickBooks online James handled the export and transition with ease and helped clean up some old issues we had. James has been great at communicating easily spending 10 or more hours talking with me over the past month, and when it came time for the end of month review he broke everything down allowing me to see how well my company is doing and didn't lose me at all!"

- Electrical Contractor

"I asked James to be my bookkeeper about six months ago after spending years struggling to do my taxes at the end of the year because of my organization. James was recommended to me by a friend, I was hesitant at first because being a realtor I didn't think that having a bookkeeper managing everything for me made sense, plus I didn't think I needed the full functionality of QuickBooks as I'm not a full business. James quickly explained how QuickBooks self-employed would help me meet my needs and the cost would be lower than a full bookkeeping program. He couldn't have been more right, it allows me to easily separate what I spend on work and my personal finances. It's also easy to track and designate millage and I can see my tax deductions adding up as I go. For once I'm not dreading tax season and with James' help every month I've saved money and no longer have a disorganized office with scattered paperwork."

- Real Estate Agent

"James has been great working with us the past year, and we look forward to his help for years to come. He is knowledgeable and works diligently to answer our questions, anytime he is uncertain he is upfront with us but he tells us that he will find out and every time that,s exactly what he has done. What I have loved about working with him is that he is personable and makes me feel like a close friend and part of the family. He has gotten to know my kid's names and when we talk asks about them, I also received a holiday card from him and a welcome package. James' communication goes beyond just phone calls, he uses video conferencing and his personalized letters help put a finishing touch on everything."

- Landscaper: