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As a landscaping company, you know how to make lawns, hardscapes, and gardens flourish and look beautiful. However, do your books give you the same satisfaction as a freshly manicured lawn or hedge? We know it’s not always easy to make your customers happy while maintaining the financial end of the business.


Landscaping Costs

With landscaping, your material costs tend to be significantly lower than other home service professionals unless you provide plants or hardscapes to your customers. As such, one of the central breakdowns we pay closer attention to is your payroll and employee costs. We are able to separate those costs into office work, supervising work, and laborers. This helps keep a pulse on your payroll and how it is distributed throughout the company to ensure ratios stay consistent and don't get out of hand too quickly

Accounting for Landscaping Business

Tracking Payroll Costs

The other side to tracking your payroll costs this way helps track trends that are currently in the industry and can help you project the type of services customers are requesting more or predict seasonal trends. Knowing this can help you prepare your business for a tighter cash flow. An example of this can be you thinking of getting new equipment, but knowing that off-season is coming can convince you to hold off on that purchase until you increase cash flow.

Working With Landscapers

We know that it can be hard to keep up with your clients, jobs, and bookkeeping. That's why we offer many different services to assist you with your books, whether it be teaching you how to do them or doing them for you. We enjoy working with our landscapers to maintain and grow their businesses through financial understanding. For example, if you have different divisions, yard maintenance vs. landscaping, we are able to break our sales and costs into one report by the division. Give us a call today to discuss a custom package tailored to your company, and let us help you make up for the slow winter months!

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