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QuickBooks Time (formerly T-Sheets)

QuickBooks Time can also be used for your employees to download paystubs and W-2s, track their available PTO balance, and request paid and unpaid time off, meaning less paperwork.

With this integration, their hours will go directly into QuickBooks, making signing off on time and submitting your payroll a breeze!


Quickbooks Time

QuickBooks Time (formerly T-Sheets) is software that is directly integrated with your QuickBooks account and is all cloud-based, so it assists in eliminating the hassle of paper timesheets and manual time entry.

QuickBooks Time

Allowing for easier time tracking, you and your employees can download the app to use for clocking in, out, and taking breaks. For those companies that breakout employee hours by job, the app can also track employees via GPS, so you know where they are while also tracking their mileage for getting from job to job. Along with tracking jobs, employees have the ability to switch between assigned job sites while in the app to more easily track time per job.

Download Paystubs

When it comes to your office employees, QB Time also offers time clock kiosks that you can install in the office for clocking in and out. You also have the ability to set job and shift schedules for each employee, allowing you to keep track of who is supposed to be working when.

Unbeatable Features for Business Solutions!

Time Management

We will enter straight time and overtime totals for all employees.

Payroll Reporting

You can choose to have us send you weekly or monthly overviews of your payroll.

Payroll Audit

When audits come up, we will take care of pulling the necessary documents for you.

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