Client Referral Page


The $500 referral credit is only valid when the referral is a new client that signs up for recurring monthly services and will only be applied to the referee’s bill after the referral has been a client for three (3) months. Only one credit can be applied per billing period without special permission from the billing department, which will be granted on a case-by-case basis. This is a bill credit only for future invoices from Waterford Business Solutions, LLC and cannot be redeemed for cash. Credits are claimed by providing your name and/or business upon filling out the above paperwork. By referring someone, please keep in mind our Confidentiality Policy, found in your engagement, is still in full force and we are unable to confirm that we work for you. We also are unable to tell you who has signed from your referrals due to our policies and to protect you, your business, and your information.