James Griner

James is our lead bookkeeper who found a passion for the practice while majoring in engineering at Georgia Southern University. He enjoyed it so much that he changed majors to Business Management Entrepreneurship with a minor in accounting so he could not only provide insight into the books but also provide business advice for the entrepreneur and small business owners. Contact us today to learn more about our transcription services in Thomasville, GA.

Why I Chose These Business Areas

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and spent weekends and summers working, learning the frontline work. Many times I would also help in the office and experienced the difficulties in managing both the front line and the back office at the same time. Working in this back office environment and helping one of my uncles with his employment agency, I realized how difficult it was to keep the bookkeeping records in order so that taxes went smooth. I watched as many hours were spent trying to catch up on the business data with my father and uncles missing out on valuable time with the family.

My aunt who was in the Real Estate business carried all of all her financial records for the year with no backups in the back seat of her car. If she lost the box or any of the records what would she do?

After seeing the struggles my family had in these two industries with their records management it became obvious that I should use my education and help those that are in similar situations!

Brittany Hawkins

Brittany leads our medical transcription department where she helps bring in both experience in the field and medical experience. From a young age, Brittany showed an interest in the medical field, in part due to her father Dr. Sanford Hawkins, so much so that as soon as she was able to she became a junior volunteer at the hospital. During her summers and after school she spent time volunteering in the hospital, and to gain more knowledge took the pre-med path while in high school. Her volunteer work at the hospital was so well received that she was offered a position as a medical scribe by one of the ER physicians that she spent most of her time at before heading off to college and during the summers in between. Now Brittany is finishing up her medical degree with ambitions to be a dermatologist, but as she is wrapping up she decided that she wanted to help Dr’s in Thomas County and the surrounding area find qualified medical transcriptionists and help keep them by providing enticing benefits.

Our staff has chosen to specialize in niches that they have experience in and knowledge of the day to day tasks that are required for those niches, to find out more contact us.

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