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Do you need a medical scribe for your practice? Waterford Business Solutions offers the right solution for your transcription needs. We help find and place scribes in the medical industry. Not only does our medical transcription services in Thomasville, GA, save you time, but we provide a service that can save the time of your patients. We provide our services for medical offices, hospitals, and general practitioners.
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The Right Scribe for the Job

Due to our years of experience and local knowledge of the area, we are able to perfectly match scribes with the right doctor. We look at the characteristics and personality of the physician in order to try to match a similar employee. This includes important details like typing speed, medical literacy, experience, and personal attributes.

Experienced Medical Transcriptionists at Your Service

When you require transcription services, you demand a professional medical scribe that is accurate. We train our staff on proper medical terminology and on typing skills. In addition, we provide ongoing training as needed.

Don’t worry about transcribing your notes and appointments—let us free up your time, so you can focus your efforts on more pressing matters. From handling the transcription to providing bookkeeping and even workman’s comp issues, we do it all, so you don’t have to. We provide a flat rate for our doctors so all of your bills are easy and simple to understand. Doctors should only have to focus on their practice not the charting of patient records. Let us help! Please contact us so that we can determine the best fit for your requirements.

Contact us if you’d like more information about our medical scribe services. We proudly serve clients throughout Thomasville, Cairo, Moultrie, and Valdosta, GA, and the surrounding areas.