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Below are some of the additional accounting services and business solutions we offer in addition to, and sometimes included with, your bookkeeping solutions. If you have questions or want more information on any of these services, don’t hesitate to contact Waterford Business Solutions as we will gladly explain services to you and how they can benefit you.

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Document Management

To better assist our clients, we have developed a close relationship with Hubdoc, a service that helps to transfer and store documents securely. Their document management services allows us to automatically gain access to bank statements from major banks and businesses that you may have an account with. Beyond that, you can forward emails that contain documents or take pictures with your phone to upload records for us to use and have access to. All of this is done securely under 256-bit encryption and kept off a direct computer hard drive to provide security for your documents. Our document management solutions are automatically provided with our full and premium packages for our bookkeeping services. These services are also available to any client that would like access to the system.

Industry Benchmarking

One of the most insightful things that a business can do is see how they compare to their competitors within their industry. Using industry benchmarking, we gather data from bank records that have been used to provide loans to businesses in your industry to assess their financial well-being before a loan is given. We further narrow down this information by your business size and your business’ location so that we can give you an accurate idea of how you compare to your regional competitors. This information allows us to make recommendations on how you can better compete within your sectors and is all stored in a manner that you can easily access and understand through an online dashboard. As a bonus for our bookkeeping clients, we provide this service with your bookkeeping solutions for our premium package clients, but anyone can contact us to help benchmark their business.

Business Budgets

Budgets are considered a vital part for many businesses, yet many business owners don’t carry out or complete a budget. Budgets are time-consuming and can be complicated, which is unfortunately why many business owners don’t take the time to do it. Many business advisors and accountants do budgeting for businesses; this budgeting though is regularly a one-time occurrence that doesn’t change and grow with your company and update as you do business. We have developed a relationship with a company called LivePlan, spending hours participating in training to provide you with advanced budgeting services. Our budgeting solutions aren’t a one-time event, we spend at least one year working with you to grow and modify your budget to accurately reflect your business and grow with you as your company expands. We are here to be your financial advisor and business consultant so we pride ourselves in providing long-term services which will benefit you the most, not just short-term advice.

Business Plans

Ultimately, you will likely need to borrow money at some point in your business’ life, most likely for expansion but many reasons exist for why you may need extra funds. When you go to a bank, or even an individual lender, they most likely are going to want to know about your business plan. So why not look professional and have a nice clean plan already ready to present? We help you develop a business plan that is professional but also dynamic, taking into account your current finances along with your budget to show lenders. Our plans can be modified to show the data you want and highlight what makes your business great; it’s not a one size fits all thing. On top of that, we also provide you with a one-page overview business pitch with the same dynamic ability to help highlight your business. We include our business plan services for anyone who works with us to help budget their business and recommend that if you want to do a business plan that you also work with us on helping you budget. However, we are happy to talk about helping you with your business planning even if you don’t budget with us.

Accounts Receivable

Worried about how many outstanding invoices you have, or just tired of having to keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t? You could be spending too much time tracking down late payments and trying to get those invoices paid. Let Waterford Business Solutions help you work on reducing your accounts receivable by helping to handle who owes you what and working with you to get those accounts paid so that you no longer need to worry about overdue invoices from last year.

Accounts Payable

Having trouble keeping up with whom you owe, and when you need to pay them? Not a problem, Waterford understands all the payment terms and will gladly help in making sure that you are up to date on all your bills. We’ll help manage writing those checks so that you can focus on your customers. Our accounts payable experts work with you to provide a safe check and balance to help enhance your business’ security while also helping to prevent fraud.

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There’s a lot of time that goes into payroll and the many things you need to worry about. Work with Waterford to handle your general payroll as well as reporting your payroll taxes to the IRS for you and paying your employees. We partner with one of the best payroll providers to handle your workman’s comp and benefits so that your only worry is paying your employees. It’s just one more way to focus on your business and customers rather than the back office and everyday finances within your business.

Want to take it a step further and work with us to provide a modern time tracking solution? Waterford Business Solutions has developed a close relationship with T-sheets, a time tracking app company which allows your employees the ability to track their time directly from their phone. It also gives you the ability to track their locations while clocked in and use biometrics to confirm employee identities.

App Enhancements

We are in the 21st century, so why not allow your business to take advantage of the technology and features that are at your fingertips? As we work primarily with home service pros, we have developed a relationship with an app called HouseCall Pro, which allows you to handle your complete business within the palm of your hand. Schedule appointments, send estimates and invoices, track your employees, manage your customers, take payments, and so much more all through one app on your phone that you can carry with you wherever you go. No more work orders or sales invoices, any information your employees need is right there in the app. With Housecall Pro, your employees can see what’s going on with no miscommunications or lost paperwork. It’s honestly the one-stop shop to help handle your entire business so that you can do what you love and focus on your customers earning you repeat business. Learn more about our Housecall Pro services and see what we can do for your company.

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