marketing for the contractor, HVAC, plumber, service business

How to Virtually Market The Construction Home Service Professional Industry

Your best 5 basic steps to get the cloud rolling!

Door to door selling is dead, it’s window to window, website to website now.

We must think virtually when trying to implement a plan to grow our service business.

 Marketing for the contractor, builder,HVAC, plumbing, feild service professional industry


This can possess many challenges for your service industry. Yes, it starts by stepping back and devising a plan for your business structure, growth, and projection.

The first appropriate step is to look through your company window. Run an analysis of your company’s structure. Take the time, there are bound to be tools and resources that you may already have on hand to work with.

A great CRM (customer requisition management) system is a great way to get the ball rolling. Make sure your staff is collecting emails, phone numbers, and addresses. These are the basics and are imperative for future growth. You’ll look back a year from now and be glad you did. Your company data you collect can be COMPANY GOLD!


“A few tips! When collecting customer information, building your customer data you want to think virtual, very digitally, and cloud-based. You can find more detail on how to properly collect and utilize your customer information by implementing Simple Data Entry techniques. We offer a free template to ease your frustrations, start using Excel, and save to the cloud. Break the tie to the office chair. Microsoft offers a plethora of cloud-based programs and platforms for you and your staff fully communitive.”

marketing for the contractor, HVAC, plumber, service business

“Think before you invest! Marketing can be costly, signing up for trials and moving onto something else can grab your wallet in the end if you’re not watching closely.”


Is Marketing Syndication, you find what resources you have to utilize in office. You may already be using, are underutilized, or haven’t thought to implemented yet. Syndication starts with the most central hub, YOU, your business.  When you take the time to map your resources you’d be surprised by the “A-ha” moments you will have. You have free resources on hand, research before you drop hard-earned pennies in the marketing bucket. You might be visiting a platform weekly and it didn’t hit you “why can’t I use this?”


Your Marketing Mix is the model for your company and how you plan to grow your brand. Your chosen avenues to drive your business down. The products or services you want to promote. Know your company goal, know your company structure, and drill down to your targeted demographics. Keep it simple at first. Marketing can get overwhelming. If you’ve taken the time to do some syndication it will be much easier.


Content Marketing, once created use it everywhere! Distribute your content on the platforms you know, will use, like, and can understand. If it’s FaceBook, then so be it. If creating videos about your company is what you enjoy then do it. Blogging, if you like to write and can consider keyword usage then type away. The trick to creating content is it not only has to look good, but you must enjoy doing it or you’ll fizzle out and get bored.


Analytics, we run reports weekly for our clients. Their reporting is tailored to what they want to know about their business. Analytics is of your website and all your created content working its way around in the cyberspace world. Analytics tells you the who, what, and when about your company. You’ll never figure out the how? and where? If you don’t monitor your steps. There are plenty of platforms you know all too well, Google, being one of them. Google Analytics is a great way to get your feet wet and learn how reporting analytics works.