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How To Turn Your QuickBook Reports Into COMPANY GOLD!

 Small Data is the type of data held in your QuickBooks database and by tapping into it you can begin to make sophisticated analytical business decisions. Reading your companies analysis can guide you in your next business decisions, but few are taking advantage of their resources.



  1. You own the data. You have free access to it once it is created. And it is all 100% customized to your business and knows your business.


  1. Your data holds key pieces of information about your customers, products, employees, productivity, sales, etc., all rolled into a pretty report.


  1. You need to get the data out of QuickBooks into a database made for analysis. You need a reporting & analysis tool that is tightly integrated with your service industry data that permits you to see any cut of the data you desire.


  1. We highly recommend you jot down a few questions you would really like to know about your business and its operations.


  1. A QuickBooks report and dashboard are created for you to allow you to visualize and analyze the data regularly.


The goal is to know, not guess. To make future predictions backed by your company’s hard data. This in turn leads to smarter bookkeeping decisions and direct path to marketing your targeted customer.

Asking simple questions will reveal big answers; “Did my of my loyal contractors replenish his wiring order for his HVAC services this week?” Your company’s data is critical to your company’s growth and structure. Once established, your dashboard data will trend over a period of time, you may be surprised of the results you get you get.


Finally, Compare your QuickBooks data up against your CRM data and get a 360 degree view of your customers. As you track the last 12 months of your product versus sales, you might be able to spot a season of a trended services or geographical trends. You’d be surprised what you don’t know about your business.