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How To Change, Modify Invoice Numbers On An Already Uploaded QuickBooks Online File Using SaasAnt Transactions

It is possible to change an already imported invoice number in an uploaded Saasant Transactions App file into QuickBooks Online.

To do this you must first acquire the QBID number.

Log Into company file>Export>

  1. Select Entity>Invoice

  1. You can search with three options. For this “how-to” we are going to> Search by Created Date.

  1. Select your date range.



*Now there are a few things you need to be aware of here. First, you want to consider that Saasant Transactions App will only retrieve up to 10,000 invoices on an export. If you know you’ve imported 15,000 in the last month, it will not return all invoices. An option is to narrow it down, let’s say you know you imported 6,000 Invoice for this company on October 29th, pull just that day. You don’t want to miss any invoicing you’ve put in there.

  1. When your list of invoices populates, you want to> download the file

*Notice on the export the invoice number is bank, this is the field of information that we want to modify. The QBID, is assigned with every import you do. You will never know what this number is until you export a file in the previous steps mentioned. Take note of your total rows of data. Make sure you did in-fact get them all. If in the raw data (1st import) you know your total import was 2,000 but you had 798 duplicate errors, then you know you should have a total row count of 1,202.


Once the file is downloaded the fields must be reformatted for the change> Open Excel

A reformatting of data for a Modify Import is required. This is where you change the invoicing number to the number of customer choice.

Our field of focus is the header area> Remove Colum A, the response field is not needed for>Modify.



  1. Our two areas of focus are the QBID (do not change) and the Invoice No. Our client here has requested an invoice number – customer number.

*Notice there are some duplicates, if you’re manually changing the Invoice Number Colum watch out for these. If you V-lookup this field of information across another Excel spreadsheet, make sure you verify. I find it helpful to filter by the Invoice No. field and the Customer name filed.





    1. Once done formatting> Save to location/name of your choice> Open Saasant Transactions App >Log into company file.


  1. Then you will re-import the change as a > Modify > Map Saasant Transactions App to your chosen fields to modify (QBID and Invoice Number) if you have changed any other fields of data map those as well.