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What is a Home Service Pro?

I refer to my clients as Home Service Pros, but who exactly is that, and what does that mean? A Home Service Pro merely is anyone who does work on someone’s house, whether in building, remodeling, or daily maintenance. Ones that we regularly think about are electricians, plumbers, HVAC installers, painters, or landscapers. Others that we don’t think about as much are house washers, maids, carpet cleaners, pest control, even mobile auto detailers. While the day-to-day activities of many of these industries are entirely different on the back end the finances and a lot of the in-office work are very close to each other. During my time as a bookkeeper, I have noticed these correlations in my client’s books and have been able to help House Pros in different industries succeed by what I learn from a different industry. Not Having a Written Budget that is recorded and monitored. Here’s more explanation…