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How your field service industry can bounce back from COVID

With the changing economic climate and the reopening of the economy, it’s time to start looking forward to the future and make plans for how to continue the business. Unfortunately, there is a lot of changes that have happened so finding the way forward can be rough. Here are some key points that we have talked about with our clients to move forward and have been beneficial in their rebound.


  • Know where you fit into the economy, are you a commercial business or a residential business? Are you a luxury business that can be replaced or are you a necessary business? Each of these has different factors in your route forward which I will hit on in a few follow-up emails.
  • Prepare for a cashless future. Credit cards and cashless society has been growing but with coin shortages and people wanting to have as limited contact as possible it is accelerating even faster, and you need to make sure that you are covering the additional costs of the fees.
  • Protect your employees and customers. Everyone wants to limit contact and we are told to social distance by six (6) feet. I have seen employees worried to work and customers who don’t want to have you come out for fear of exposure, so you need to make sure that your employees feel safe but your customers are willing to call you.
  • Adapt to new technology. There are options out there that reduce or eliminate paperwork or can eliminate the office, or help to keep things safer and cleaner. While it is scary to change your methods and what you do a lot has changed in the last few months.
  • Spend time researching and understanding options that can help your business and exactly how they work and keep checking back on them as they are always changing right now. Otherwise, make sure you have a contact that will help you and translate the information to you that you need in full. There have been a lot of clients that have had misunderstandings of the current programs out there and how they work and have had issues before we sat down and explained the black and white to them.


Each business is different and so these are some general things that are working with multiple clients that we service and are helping them to bounce back and some are doing better than they did last year. However, the best way to plan forward is to have a plan tailor-made for your company which we are happy to hop on a free 30-minute consultation call to walk through with you.


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